Shamrock7203 is an Eternal Moderator who joined Lego Message Boards Eternal on January 6th, 2017 as the 26th user. He currently has 3,249 posts and would have Rank 10, Highland Battler, had he not been promoted to Moderator. He has 20 friends, and he is following 22 members. On August 12, 2017, he won the vote for Administrator after Astro announced his retirement a few days before. He still currently has the title "Eternal Moderator," but he has been given the power of Administrator.


  • He was granted Moderator status on the 12th of March 2017, at around 2 A.M GMT.
  • He has since been given the rank of Eternal Moderator.
  • He was not among the members of staff fired by site management.
  • He ran for Administrator after Astro's retirement, and won.

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