Ranks on the LEGO Message Boards Eternal are determined by only post count. Rank requirements are not specified, but can usually be identified in the members list when arranged by post count.  Users begin with No Rank before moving on to Caveman. The 29 ranks have rank names based on the LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series which increase in chronological order from rank 1, Caveman, to rank 29, Alien. Although only ranks between 1 and 11 have been achieved, the names and orders of the rest have been confirmed from the original LEGO Message Boards. The rank "Official," is reserved for only Eternal Moderators, Trainee Moderators, Eternal Designers, and Designers. Trainee Moderators and Designers have different colored Official ranks than the other two.

The Standard LMBE ranks, in order:


  1. Caveman
  2. Pharaoh
  3. SpartanWarrior
  4. Gladiator
  5. RomanSoldier
  6. Minotaur
  7. Viking
  8. SamuraiWarrior
  9. Knight
  10. HighlandBattler
  11. Forestman
  12. Ninja
  13. AztecWarrior
  14. Conquistador
  15. Jester
  16. RoyalGuard
  17. Musketeer
  18. Pirate
  19. RevolutionarySoldier
  20. Cowboy
  21. Detective
  22. Bandit
  23. Pilot
  24. Hippie
  25. DiscoDude
  26. Rapper
  27. Spaceman
  28. GalaxyPatrol
  29. Alien

Official Ranks:

Official Eternal Staff/Senior Staff

Official2 Moderator/Designer/Junior Moderator/Junior Designer/Archivist