LegoBuilder was a moderator who joined the LMB Eternal on January 7, 2017. He currently has over 3,120 posts.

He is a member of the Castle, (formerly) Lord of the Rings, and Super Heroes Roleplays. In Castle, he roleplays as Valithor Icebeard and Casúr Adharc. He led the kingdom of Khand in the 4th Age LOTR RP while it existed, and the kingdom of Gondor in the 3rd Age RP. In the SHRP, he roleplays as Ultron, Doomsday, and Lex Luthor.

He also participated in the Legends of Chima Roleplay for a time as Crogall the Crocodile King and Spilyth the Spider Queen, but he left after deciding that he wasn't enjoying his time there. Currently, he is considering rejoining.

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