Jonmbost is a Jester on the LEGO Message Boards Eternal, and was the 432nd user to join. He joined on September 26, 2017, and currently has 13,520 posts, 13 friends, and is following 14 users. His username on the original LEGO Message Boards was jonmbost, and his favorite LEGO theme is Ninjago! He had "temporarily" changed his username to "majikmbost" because of a suggestion by MockingbirdInc, but changed it back once he reached ten thousand posts. He is primarily active in Community Chat, posting mostly in Finding Friendships, and is also active on the Ninjago Stories Subforum.

The LEGO Message Boards

Jonmbost joined the original LEGO Message Boards on March 4, 2016. Jonmbost achieved the Rank "Samurai Warrior," and then "Conquistador" soon before the boards' closure. He had 2,540 posts, and 2,538 likes received.


  • With 13,520 posts, he has the old LMBs rank "Maniac."
    • Additionally, with 13,520 posts he is the user with the most posts, including moderators.
  • He is a Moderator of Olde on Shamrock7203's twin site Legoians of Olde.


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