DrakeCahill13 is a user on the LMBE. He was promoted from Forestman to Junior Moderator on February 6, 2018, but was later demoted on February 21, 2018. On March 19th, 2018, he announced his permanent retirement on several topics.


One of the original members of the LEGO Message Boards, he usually goes by Drake or DC13. If he was known for anything at all, it would have been the Hero of the Year Awards, where, since 2015, users voted for their favorite LEGO heroes. He was a member of the LMBs for about three years before the LMBs went offline. The impact was shattering.

Fortunately, a user named bigbangman99 gave Drake a clue. After a bit of research, he found the Brick RP Portal, and through that, the LMB Eternal. He is overjoyed at finding a new community with old friends.

While adjusting to the LMBE, Drake was shocked to discover that there was no Super Heroes roleplay forum. He was part of the original project to move the roleplay from the LMBs to the LEGO Galleries. Unfortunately, the project failed. So he refounded Project SHaRP (Super Heroes avengers Roleplay), which brought together several LMBE roleplayers to recreate a new Super Heroes roleplay. Today, the members of Project SHaRP have fulfilled their purpose. Now they are building and roleplaying like never before.

Unfortunately, hard times has befallen Drake, and he had to announce his partial retirement. This was short-lived, as he kept getting more and more active. Soon he plans to make a full recovery.

Drake is the founder of the Super Heroes Roleplay and currently a member of the Legends of Chima Roleplay. He used to belong to every roleplay on the LMBE before his partial retirement.

Recently Drake has been operating a new chat forum entitled the LEGO Hero of the Year Awards. Here he continues to pit hero against hero, and now, villain against villain. Primary staff members and close friends SensaiGarmadon, yodaboyaz, and Henny4315 have recently added memes, flash games, and other polls to their website.

He announced his permanent retirement on March 19th, 2018.

Eternal Brick Awards

  • Winner of "Most Influential User" 2017 EBAs


If you would like to find DrakeCahill13, you can contact him on these sites: 

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