• Tuvok95

    Yeah, I can't. Not on my comuter account at least.

    >Procedes to check my tablet<

    Doesn't work there either.

    Can someone add this vidieo for me please? 


    Thanks. :P

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  • Kingwja

    Hey guys, if you're here, you've probably noticed the complete redesign of this site. Now, if anyone gets upset that I changed it without asking, I should let you know that it's easily reversable. :P This is a beta test of sorts. I want to know what you guys think of it. The background, the color scheme, the various adaptations, and the new UserInfobox2. Leave a comment with feedback, suggestions, something you want me to add, or anything else you want to say related to this site.

    I spent a good long several hours working on this redesign, so I better get good comments.

    ...Just kidding. :P

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