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So, uh, I've noticed a couple users have their EBA nominations/awards mentioned, should we add in all the 2017 EBAs to the user pages? And if so,...
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Yo, is this Tuvok's page:

If so, do I have permission to edit it? He&#...
DarkTuvy the Conqueror
DarkTuvy the Conqueror DarkTuvy the Conqueror (formerly Tuvok) is a user on the LMBE, he was one of the first to find… Lego Message Boards Eternal Wiki
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Good joke, guys, real funny...

Now, i need answers, have the admins and mods notifyed any of you about this back on the LMBE’s? Honestly, i dont care if i have been banned, i can ge...
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Lego Super Heroes Universe Wiki?

Me, Ciar08, DrakeCaHISHE13, and abbie created a story universe. I can't seem to find the wiki (the closest find being Project SHaRP). Someone ple...
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LMB Discord Server

In the late summer of last year I made a Discord server to replace the LMBs. This is a different format then LMBE because it is moderated live by bots...
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im here bois

I’m here. Ta da!
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